The Electric Sauna Hut

This 12ft x 7ft Western Red Cedar Clad Shepherd’s Hut contains an Electric sauna room, and a spacious changing, relaxing room. 

The Sauna room seats at least four comfortably. 

Wood Heated Sauna and Hot Tub Hut

This is a 14 x 7 ft shepherd’s hut with a 6 person hot tub at one end and a sauna room at the other. 

Both the hot tub and Sauna are heated by separate, efficient, wood burning stoves. 

The pictured hut ended up in Norway, and the large wooden barrel is being frequently used as both hot tub and as a cold water plunge pool. 

The sauna is ready to use within minutes of lighting. 

Garden / Chapel Hut

The Chapel Huts were based on some pictures of Tabernacles and a pinch of ‘well, this might work’. Not to mention an old idea for a greenhouse on wheels.

They have smaller foot prints than the Shepherd’s huts, making them great for smaller gardens, and they are perfect for use as summer rooms. 

They are taller inside than our Shepherd’s huts, and yet are not that much taller over all. as they are on a lower chassis.