Every Shepherd’s hut that we build is unique. 

Often we start with a sketch provided by the customer which we then use to create a first draft plan

Our huts have been used in many ways, including  glamping getaways, studios, spare rooms and forest lodges. 




We’ve delivered our huts nationwide and further.

Like this wood fired Hot Tub and Sauna Hut which is in Norway

While this Electric Sauna hut, which also has a small changing room, is in the UK.

Whatever kind of shepherd’s hut you are after we hope that you’ll enjoy one of ours. 

The River Severn Shepherd’s Huts:

These are all fully fitted and finished Shepherds huts painted in your choice of colours and all include:

double bed, hearth, multi fuel fire, shelves, drop table, double glazing. 
230v electrics, 4LED Lights, 2 Double Sockets, outside coach lamp Garage Consumer unit and a 16amp blue caravan hookup. 

12ft x 7ft : £9,500

Each extra Foot: £600
(14ft: £10,700)
(16ft: £11,900)

Standard Shepherd’s Huts

A great alternative to camping pods, and perfect for the garden too. 

These are unpainted, with primed windows and doors.

They include; 3 double glazed wooden windows, Stable door with glazed window, and Steps.
As Standard they are fitted with 230v Mains, including 4 LED Lights, 2 double Sockets, Outside coach lamp, Garage Consumer unit and a 16amp blue caravan hookup. 

It is an ideal solution for a simple Glamping option, and can be fitted with: double bed, bunks, or single beds, or provided as an empty canvas ready for you to make your mark. 


Each extra Foot: £600
14ft: £8,195
16ft: £9,395
Our Field and Farm Glamping Huts are perfect for farm diversification. 

These 12ft x 7ft Huts are fully insulated for all year use, they are ideal for short stays and would be enjoyed by Ramblers, Cyclists, Walkers etc. 

They are off the grid solutions to glamping, fully mobile on metal wheels, no foundations required. Just a level site and 4 strong slabs.

These are Unpainted Shepherd’s huts, clad in Cedar in the Yorkshire Boards Style, with Unpainted Pine T&G Interior and a 
Solid Cedar Floor,

They come with a 4Kw Multi Fuel Stove, Chimney and Tiled Hearth

And are Fully Insulated all round with Eco Glass Wool, 

They are fitted with 2 double glazed wooden windows, a Single Door with a glazed window, and Steps,

All field and Farm Shepherd’s huts are fitted with a 12v Solar System which includes: 4 LED Lights, an Outside coach lamp, the Solar Panel and a Leisure Battery. 

The Field and Farm Glamping huts start from £7,500

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